Um.. At work they made a sign with the grumpy cat meme w a saying thing and they are laminating it and whoever is the grumpy person has it like on their cubicle thing for the day and I get it first thanks


Sky for LOVE by Petra Collins

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Jordi Huisman

I got invited to go travel Europe next year except for that I have to pay to spend however many weeks w my aunt and uncle that make me really irrationally angry so I decided for everyone’s safety.. I will say no

Apparently I have some fans in Brisbane sorry but it’s too hot there I’m British I’ll die

Place I would move rn: Wellington Dunedin Melbourne Sydney maybe Sydney


this is what i turned in for history homework today

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The National - Terrible Love (Alternate Version)

me: learns the hard way


i am so funny and stuff why have i never had a bf oh that is why bc i dont want one

i’m do 1 more..


i am laughign i really like this numbe..sorry i didn’t do urs i just kind of stoped opening my inbox so i didn’t seee it but HI!!! i omg i think ur so cool ever since i first followed u i was like .i need to jack ur swag. ur whole look is so perfect and i really like ur whole vibe tbh?? i think ur so sweet and funny like really funny actually, ur such a wicked person and i hope ur having a great night !!

i feel realy bad bc there are so many i didn’t do but..i think everyoen is wonderful like pelase believe in urselfs ur all beautful n amazing n capable of incredible things