martinmourning said: 8 years not that long ago #8years #missingu #60likes

"hey #30likes #artnerd #girl do u wanna #hangout #imissu please #likeback"

martinmourning said: Can’t believe she ur best mafe

omg shut up no she ain’t 

streeetlights said: When I picture my ashes being scattered it’s at a place I’ve never been to but can picture so vividly

far out! hopefully you can figure out where that place is and then you can be there. things like this are so.. like lovely but terrifying? 

mmmulder said: one time when i was 4 my parents took me to a beach and i said to them “last time i was here i drowned” but i had never been there before ~~sp00Ky~~

holy crap???? that’s so strange and interesting and would have been TERRIFYING holy crap

i can’t stop crying i need to travel the world and meet rich men and flirt with them enough that they buy me nice things like plane tickets

do u ever go on street view and literally cry

i just want everyone here to know i got 0 easter eggs.. 0 chocolate at all, today. on easter day. zero zilch nada